82. Insolvency Practitioners

(1) There is excluded from the provisions listed in sub-paragraph (2) any activity carried on by a person Acting as an Insolvency Practitioner.
(2) The provisions are —
(a) paragraph 4 (Dealing in Investments as Principal);
(b) paragraph 12 (Dealing in Investments as Agent);
(c) paragraph 16 (Arranging Deals in Investments);
(d) paragraph 54 (Operating a Multilateral Trading Facility or Organised Trading Facility);
(e) paragraph 56 (Managing Assets);
(f) paragraph 33 (Insurance Intermediation);
(g) paragraph 36 (Insurance Management);
(h) paragraph 43 (Providing Custody);
(i) paragraph 59 (Managing a Collective Investment Fund);
(j) paragraph 61 (Acting as the Trustee of an Investment Trust); and
(k) paragraph 28 (Advising on Investments or Credit).
(3) There is excluded from paragraph 70 any agreement made by a person Acting as an Insolvency Practitioner to carry on an activity of the kind excluded by sub-paragraph (1).
Amended on (13 January, 2020).