813. Publication of draft terms on company website (merger)

Section 812(2) and 812(3) do not apply in respect of a merging company if the conditions in subsections (1) to (5) are met.

(1) The first condition is that the draft terms are made available on a website which–
(a) is maintained by or on behalf of the merging company, and
(b) identifies the merging company.
(2) The second condition is that neither access to the draft terms on the website nor the supply of a hard copy of them from the website is conditional on payment of a fee or otherwise restricted.
(3) The third condition is that the directors or equivalent office holders of the merging company deliver to the Registrar a notice giving details of the website.
(4) The fourth condition is that the Registrar or, in the case of a merging company that is a non-ADGM company, the merging company publishes the notice in on its website at least one month before the date of any meeting of the merging company summoned for the purpose of approving the scheme.
(5) The fifth condition is that the draft terms remain available on the website throughout the period beginning one month before, and ending on, the date of any such meeting.