8. Termination

(1) In the event that the Data Importer is in breach of its obligations under these Clauses, then the Data Exporter may temporarily suspend the transfer of Personal Data to the Data Importer until the breach is repaired or the contract is terminated.
(2) In the event that —
(a) the transfer of Personal Data to the Data Importer has been temporarily suspended by the Data Exporter for longer than one month pursuant to sub-clause (1);
(b) compliance by the Data Importer with these Clauses would put it in breach of its legal or regulatory obligations in the jurisdiction of import;
(c) the Data Importer is in substantial or persistent breach of any warranties or undertakings given by it under these Clauses;
(d) a final decision of the Court or a decision of the Registrar rules that there has been a breach of the Clauses by the Data Importer or the Data Exporter; or
(e) a petition is presented for the administration or winding-up of the Data Importer, which is not dismissed within the applicable period for such dismissal under the Insolvency Regulations 2015, a winding-up order is made, a receiver is appointed over any of its assets, a trustee in bankruptcy is appointed, a company voluntary arranagement is commenced by it, or any equivalent event in any jurisdiction occurs,
then the Data Exporter, without prejudice to any other rights which it may have against the Data Importer, shall be entitled to terminate these Clauses, in which case the Registrar shall be informed where required. In cases covered by (a), (b), or (d) above, the Data Importer may also terminate these Clauses.
(3) Either Party may terminate these Clauses if either (i) the Registrar makes a designation under section 4 of the Regulations in relation to each jurisdiction in which the Data Importer is incorporated or operates or uses the Personal Data; or (ii) each such jurisdiction not so designated is added to the list in Schedule 3 to the Regulations.
(4) The Parties agree that the termination of these Clauses at any time, in any circumstances and for whatever reason (except for termination under sub-clause (3)) does not exempt them from the obligations and/or conditions under the Clauses as regards the Processing of the Personal Data transferred.