8. Publication of notice of meetings (except under Sections 183 and 186)

(1) The convener of a meeting (other than a meeting under Sections 183 (Effect of Company's insolvency) or 186 (Meetings of members and creditors)) must publish a notice of the meeting on the Registrar's website or in an English language newspaper distributed in the United Arab Emirates and available in the Abu Dhabi Global Market stating —
(a) the standard contents;
(b) that a meeting of creditors or contributories or a Company meeting is to take place;
(c) the venue fixed for the meeting;
(d) the purpose of the meeting; and
(e) the time and date by which, and place at which, those attending must deliver proxies and (in the case of a meeting of creditors) claims or proofs (if not already delivered) in order to be entitled to vote.
(2) In a creditors' voluntary winding-up or a compulsory winding-up the notice must also state —
(a) who summoned the meeting; and
(b) if the meeting was summoned at the request of a creditor, the fact that it was so summoned and the Section of these Regulations under which it was summoned.
(3) The notice must be published before or as soon as reasonably practicable after notice is delivered to those attending.
(4) Information published under this paragraph may also be published in such other manner as the convener thinks fit.