8. Disciplinary panel

(1) A disciplinary panel is a panel consisting of —
(a) either a judicial office holder or former judicial office holder;
(b) a practising or employed lawyer; and
(c) one other member, who has never been —
(i) a judicial office holder; or
(ii) a practising or employed lawyer.
(2) The Chief Justice must nominate the members of a disciplinary panel under sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) of paragraph (1).
(3) The Board, with the agreement of the Chief Justice, must nominate the other member in paragraph (1)(c).
(4) A person is ineligible for membership of a disciplinary panel if that person has had any previous involvement in the disciplinary process relating to the case that is being referred to the disciplinary panel.
(5) The judicial office holder or former judicial office holder nominated under paragraph (1)(a) must chair the disciplinary panel.