78. Protection of Company's property

(1) Until a Deed of Company Arrangement terminates, this Section applies to a person bound by the Deed of Company Arrangement.
(2) The person cannot —
(a) make an application for an order to wind up the Company; or
(b) proceed with such an application made before the Deed of Company Arrangement became binding on the person.
(3) The person cannot —
(a) begin or proceed with a proceeding against the Company or in relation to any of its property; or
(b) begin or proceed with enforcement process in relation to property of the Company;
except —
(c) with the leave of the Court; and
(d) in accordance with such terms (if any) as the Court imposes.
(4) In subsection (3) —

"property" of a Company includes any property used or occupied by, or in the possession of the Company.