78. Application And Accompanying Documents

(1) An application for re-registration as a public company must contain–
(a) a statement of the company’s proposed name on re-registration, and
(b) in the case of a company without a secretary, a statement of the company’s proposed secretary (see section 79 (statement of proposed secretary)).
(2) The application must be accompanied by–
(a) a copy of the special resolution that the company should re-register as a public company (unless a copy has already been forwarded to the Registrar under Chapter 3 of Part 3),
(b) a copy of the company’s articles as proposed to be amended,
(c) a balance sheet prepared as at a date not more than seven months before the date on which the application is delivered to the Registrar, and
(d) an unqualified report by the company’s auditor on that balance sheet.
(3) The statement of compliance required to be delivered together with the application is a statement that the requirements of this Part as to re-registration as a public company have been complied with.
(4) The Registrar may accept the statement of compliance as sufficient evidence that the company is entitled to be re-registered as a public company.