75. Power of the Courts to give effect to application for assistance

(1) The Court of First Instance shall have the power, on any such application as is mentioned in section 74, to make by order such provision for obtaining evidence in the Abu Dhabi Global Market as may appear to the Court to be appropriate for the purpose of giving effect to the request in pursuance of which the application is made; and any such order may require a person specified therein to take such steps as the Court may consider appropriate for that purpose.
(2) An order under this section, in particular, may make provision for —
(a) the examination of witnesses, either orally or in writing;
(b) the production of documents;
(c) the inspection, photographing, recording, preservation, custody or detention of any property;
(d) the taking of samples of any property and the carrying out of any experiment on or with any property.
(3) An order under this section shall not require any particular steps to be taken unless they are steps which can be required to be taken by way of obtaining evidence for the purposes of civil proceedings in the requesting court; but this subsection shall not preclude the making of an order requiring a person to give testimony (either orally or in writing) otherwise than on oath where this is asked for by the requesting court.
(4) An order under this section shall not require a person —
(a) to state what documents, relevant to the proceedings to which the application for the order relates, are or have been in his possession, custody or power; or
(b) to produce any documents other than particular documents specified in the order as being documents appearing to the Court of First Instance to be, or to be likely to be, in his possession, control, custody or power.
(5) A person who, by virtue of an order under this section, is required to attend at any place shall be entitled to payment on account of expenses and loss of time as on attendance as a witness in proceedings before the Court of First Instance.