75. Creditor etc. not to act inconsistently with deed before its execution

(1) Where, at a meeting convened pursuant to Section 61 (Requirement for initial creditors meeting) or Section 65(2) (Revision of administrator's proposals), a Company's creditors resolve that the Company execute a Deed of Company Arrangement, this Section applies until —
(a) the Deed of Company Arrangement is executed by both the Company and the administrator; or
(b) the period within which Section 74(2) (Execution of Deed of Company Arrangement) requires the Company to execute the Deed of Company Arrangement ends,
whichever happens sooner.
(2) In so far as a person would be bound by the Deed of Company Arrangement if it had already been so executed, the person —
(a) must not do anything inconsistent with the Deed of Company Arrangement, except with the leave of the Court; and
(b) is subject to Section 78 (Protection of Company's property).