75. Continuous disclosures

(1) A Reporting Entity shall, subject to subsections (4) and (5), make disclosures to the market of information specified by the Regulator in the circumstances prescribed by the Rules.
(2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Regulator may, by Rules, prescribe the type of information and the circumstances in which such information shall be disclosed including —
(a) financial information;
(b) Inside Information as defined in section 95; and
(c) any other information or material change which occurs in relation to a Reporting Entity.
(3) Where information is required to be disclosed pursuant to subsection (1), the Reporting Entity shall —
(a) issue a release of information to the market disclosing the information; and
(b) file a report with the Regulator;
in the manner prescribed by the Rules.
(4) Where a Reporting Entity has failed to publish information required to be published pursuant to subsection (1) and the Rules made for the purposes of this section, the Regulator may publish such information in a manner considered appropriate by the Regulator.
(5) The Regulator may, by Rules, prescribe the circumstances in which a Reporting Entity need not comply with the disclosure requirement in subsection (1).