75. Cancellation of easement

(1) The Registrar shall cancel the registration of an easement on determining that —
(a) any period of time for which the easement was to subsist has expired; or
(b) an event on which the easement was to come to an end has occurred.
(2) Regardless of whether an easement has been abandoned, if an easement has not been used for at least 12 years, then the registered owner of the burdened parcel may apply to the Registrar to have the easement cancelled, and —
(a) the Registrar shall notify the registered owner of the benefited real property (or, in the case of an easement in gross, the person having the benefit of the easement) that, unless the Registrar receives an objection to the application within 30 days of the notice, the Registrar intends to cancel the easement; and
(b) if the Registrar does not receive an objection within the 30 day period, or if the Registrar does receive an objection within that time but on application of the Registrar the Court determines it to be of insufficient merit, the Registrar may cancel the easement.