71. Requirements for easement

(1) In order to be registered, an instrument creating an easement shall —
(a) indicate clearly the nature of the easement, the rights granted or reserved under it, and the extent of the real property burdened by the easement;
(b) if required by the Registrar, include a plan of survey identifying the lot or part of the lot to be burdened by the easement, and (unless the easement is an easement in gross) the lot to be benefited by the easement; and
(c) in the case of an easement in gross, identify the persons having the benefit of the easement.
(2) This section does not limit the matters that the approved form of easement may require to be included.
(3) Where an easement relates to Service Infrastructure, the locations of which are difficult to describe with precision, the Registrar may accept for registration an instrument that contains only a general description of the location.