702. Power To Alter Authorised Minimum

(1) The Board may make rules which-
(a) alter the US dollar amount of the authorised minimum, and
(b) make a corresponding alteration of the prescribed equivalent amount in any other currency authorised pursuant to subsection 702(2).
(2) Rules under this section that increase the authorised minimum may-
(a) require a public company having an allotted share capital of which is less than the amount specified in the order to-
(i) increase that value to not less than that amount, or
(ii) re-register as a private company,
(b) make provision in connection with any such requirement for any of the matters for which provision is made by these Regulations relating to-
(i) a company’s registration, re-registration or change of name,
(ii) payment for shares comprised in a company’s share capital, and
(iii) offers to the public of shares in or debentures of a company,
including provision as to the consequences (in criminal law or otherwise) of a failure to comply with any requirement of the order,
(c) provide for any provision of the order to come into force on different days for different purposes.