7. Other economic activities: general

(1) This Rule sets out the conditions of licence for an applicant for a licence to carry on other economic activities (other than activities subject to Rule 6).
(2) The applicant must —
(a) maintain premises in the Abu Dhabi Global Market;
(b) maintain compliance with any licence, authorisation or approval requirement imposed by any Federal Law having application in the Abu Dhabi Global Market and to which the applicant is subject in relation to his activities in the Abu Dhabi Global Market;
(c) ensure that any obligations imposed from time to time upon him or his connected persons by or under any enactment (including the Regulations and these Rules), any other law applicable in the Abu Dhabi Global Market and any law applicable outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market to which he is subject, are complied with;
(d) at all times put in place suitable arrangements to ensure that he will comply with the obligations referred to in paragraph (2)(c); and
(e) have paid any fees and dues owed to the Registrar pursuant to the Regulations or any rules made thereunder.
(3) The applicant must comply with any other conditions and requirements specified in writing by the Registrar from time to time.