66. Contents of the administrator's revised proposals

(1) The statement of revised proposals shall include —
(a) the relevant Court reference number;
(b) the full name, registered address, registered number and any other trading names of the Company;
(c) details relating to his appointment as administrator of the Company, including the date of appointment and the person making the administration application or appointment;
(d) the names of the Directors and secretary of the Company and details of any shareholdings in the Company they may have;
(e) a summary of the initial proposals and the reason(s) for proposing a revision;
(f) details of the proposed revision including details of the assessment (by the administrator of the Company) of the likely impact of the proposed revision upon creditors generally or upon each class of creditors (as the case may be);
(g) if the proposed revision includes a proposal for a Deed of Company Arrangement, the matters described at Section 56(4) (Administrator's proposals);
(h) where a proposed revision relates to the ending of the administration by a creditors' voluntary liquidation and the nomination of a person to be the proposed liquidator of the Company —
(i) details of the proposed liquidator; and
(ii) a statement that the creditors may, before the proposals are approved, nominate a different person as liquidator in accordance with Section 122(6)(a) (Moving to creditors' voluntary liquidation) and Section 123(2)(b) (Moving to creditors' voluntary liquidation); and
(i) any other information that the administrator of the Company thinks necessary to enable creditors to decide whether or not to vote for the proposed revisions.