61. Recognition and enforcement of awards

(1) An award within the meaning of subsection 60(1):(1):
(a) shall be recognised as binding within the Abu Dhabi Global Market on the persons between whom it was made and may accordingly be relied on by those persons by way of defence, set-off or otherwise in any legal proceedings in the Abu Dhabi Global Market; and
(b) shall be enforced within the Abu Dhabi Global Market as if it were a judgment of the Court and all of the Court's powers in respect of the enforcement of judgments shall apply to the enforcement of arbitral awards in the manner prescribed in this Part 4 and any rules made for that purpose.
(2) The party seeking the recognition or enforcement of an award within the meaning of subsection 60(1) shall provide to the Court:
(a) the original or a duly certified copy of the arbitral award in respect of which enforcement is sought; and
(b) a copy of the arbitration agreement pursuant to which that arbitral award was rendered.
If the award or the agreement is not made in English, the Court may request the party to provide a translation thereof.
(3) Where, upon the application of a party for the recognition or enforcement of an arbitral award, the Court decides that the award shall be recognised or enforced, it shall issue an order to that effect.
(4) An order recognising or enforcing an arbitral award shall be issued in English, unless the Court shall determine otherwise. If the Court determines that the order should be issued in another language in addition to English, either language version, in its original or certified copy form, shall constitute sufficient proof of the order for recognition or enforcement.
(5) Subject to Article 13 of the ADGM Founding Law, awards recognised by the Court may be enforced outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market in accordance with the applicable legislation in force and recognition under these Regulations includes ratification for the purposes of any such applicable legislation.