6. What the register is to contain

(1) The register must contain in relation to an eligible auditor –

      a) its name and the address of its principal place of business;

      b) its registered number;

      c) the address of each of its offices from which it carries out audit work in the Abu Dhabi Global Market;

      d) information as to how the firm is to be contacted, the primary contact person and, if it has a website, its address;

      e) the name and business address of each individual responsible for audit work in the Abu Dhabi Global Market on behalf of the firm;

       f) the name and address of the recognised professional body under whose rules it is eligible for appointment as an auditor and any registration                number which such body has allocated to it;

       g) in the case of a firm which is a member of a network:

            i. the name of the network;

            ii. a list of the names and addresses of the other members of that network and of the affiliates of all the members of that network or a                                reference to the address of a website or any other place where that information is available to the public.