6. Remuneration: review at request of administrator or liquidator

(1) Where, after the basis of the Office-holder's remuneration has been fixed, there is a material and substantial change in the circumstances which were taken into account in fixing it, the Office-holder may request that it be changed.
(2) The request must be made —
(a) where the creditors' committee fixed the basis, to the creditors' committee;
(b) where the creditors fixed the basis, to the creditors;
(c) where the Court fixed the basis, by application to the Court; and
(d) where, in a winding-up, the remuneration was determined under paragraph 3(9) (Remuneration: procedure for initial determination) of this Schedule, to the Liquidation Committee or creditors' committee if there is one and otherwise to the creditors;
and the preceding provisions of this Schedule apply as appropriate.
(3) Where paragraph 4 (Remuneration: recourse by administrator or liquidator to creditors) is applied in accordance with sub-paragraph (2), ignore the words in paragraph 4(1)(c) (Remuneration: recourse by administrator or liquidator to creditors), "and the administrator had not subsequently requested an increase under this paragraph".
(4) Any change in the basis for remuneration applies from the date of the request under sub-paragraph (2) and not for any earlier period.