6. Providing information where Personal Data have been obtained from the Data Subject

(1) Data Controllers shall provide a Data Subject whose Personal Data it collects from the Data Subject with at least the following information as soon as possible upon commencing to collect Personal Data in respect of that Data Subject —
(a) the identity of the Data Controller;
(b) the purposes of the Processing for which the Personal Data are intended; and
(c) any further information in so far as such is necessary, having regard to the specific circumstances in which the Personal Data are collected, to guarantee fair Processing in respect of the Data Subject, such as —
(i) the Recipients or categories of Recipients of the Personal Data;
(ii) whether replies to questions are obligatory or voluntary, as well as the possible consequences of failure to reply;
(iii) the existence of the right of access to and the right to rectify the Personal Data concerning him;
(iv) whether the Personal Data will be used for direct marketing purposes; and
(v) whether the Personal Data will be Processed on the basis of section 3(1)(g) or section 5(k).
(2) A Data Controller need not provide that information otherwise required by subsection (1)(c)(i) to the Data Subject if the Data Controller reasonably expects that the Data Subject is already aware of that information.