58. Objection to LLP's registered name

(1) A person ("the applicant") may object to an LLP's registered name on the ground —
(a) that it is the same as a name associated with the applicant in which he has goodwill, or
(b) that it is sufficiently similar to such a name that its use in the Abu Dhabi Global Market would be likely to mislead by suggesting a connection between the LLP and the applicant.
(2) The objection must be made by application to the Registrar (see section 59 (procedure rules)).
(3) The LLP concerned shall be the primary respondent to the application. Any of its members may be joined as respondents.
(4) If the ground specified in subsection (1)(a) or (b) is established, it is for the respondents to show —
(a) that the name was registered before the commencement of the activities on which the applicant relies to show goodwill, or
(b) that the LLP —
(i) is operating under the name, or
(ii) is proposing to do so and has incurred substantial start-up costs in preparation, or
(iii) was formerly operating under the name and is now dormant, or
(c) that the name was registered in the ordinary course of an LLP formation business and the LLP is available for sale to the applicant on the standard terms of that business, or
(d) that the name was adopted in good faith, or
(e) that the interests of the applicant are not adversely affected to any significant extent.
If none of those is shown, the objection shall be upheld.
(5) If the facts mentioned in subsection (4)(a), (b) or (c) are established, the objection shall nevertheless be upheld if the applicant shows that the main purpose of the respondents (or any of them) in registering the name was to obtain money (or other consideration) from the applicant or prevent him from registering the name.
(6) If the objection is not upheld under subsection (4) or (5), it shall be dismissed. (7) In this section "goodwill" includes reputation of any description.