57. Service of notices

(1) The Board may make rules with respect to the procedure to be followed when a provision of or made under these Regulations requires a notice, direction or document of any kind to be given or authorises the imposition of a requirement.
(2) The rules may, in particular, make provision —
(a) as to the manner in which a document must be given;
(b) as to the address to which a document must be sent;
(c) requiring, or allowing, a document to be sent electronically;
(d) for treating a document as having been given, or as having been received, on a date or at a time determined in accordance with the rules;
(e) as to what must, or may, be done if the person to whom a document is required to be given is not an individual;
(f) as to what must, or may, be done if the intended recipient of a document is outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
(3) Subsection (1) applies however the obligation to give a document is expressed (and so, in particular, includes a provision which requires a document to be served or sent).