50. Notice requiring Statement of Affairs

(1) As soon as reasonably practicable after his appointment, the administrator of a Company shall send notice in the prescribed form to each relevant person whom he determines appropriate requiring him or them to prepare and submit a statement of the Company's affairs.
(2) The notice shall inform each of the relevant persons —
(a) of the names and addresses of all others (if any) to whom the same notice has been sent;
(b) of the time within which the statement must be delivered;
(c) of the effect of Section 51(7) (Statement of Company's affairs); and
(d) of the application to him, and to each other relevant person, of Section 255 (Duty to cooperate with Office-holder).
(3) The administrator of a Company shall furnish each relevant person to whom he has sent notice in the prescribed form with the forms required for the preparation of the Statement of Affairs.