48. Decision notices

(1) A decision notice must —
(a) be in writing;
(b) give the reasons of the Registrar for the decision to take the action to which the notice relates;
(c) state whether section 53 applies;
(d) if that section applies, describe its effect and state whether any secondary material exists to which the person concerned must be allowed access under it; and
(e) give an indication of —
(i) any right to have the matter referred to the court which is given by these Regulations; and
(ii) the procedure on such a reference.
(2) If the decision notice was preceded by a warning notice, the action to which the decision notice relates must be action under the same provision as the action proposed in the warning notice.
(3) The Registrar may, before it takes the action to which a decision notice ("the original notice") relates, give the person concerned a further decision notice which relates to different action in respect of the same matter.
(4) The Registrar may give a further decision notice as a result of subsection (3) only if the person to whom the original notice was given consents.
(5) If the person to whom a decision notice is given under subsection (3) had the right to refer the matter to which the original decision notice related to the court, he has that right as respects the decision notice under subsection (3).
(6) In this Part, "decision notice" means a notice under sections 18(3), 20(2) or 44(1).