48. Authorisation by landlord to another to exercise CRAR on landlord's behalf

Where a landlord gives authorisation under section 128(8) of the Regulations to a person to exercise CRAR on the landlord's behalf, the authorisation must —

(a) only authorise an enforcement agent; and
(b) be in writing, be signed by the landlord and provide the following information —
(i) the date of the authorisation;
(ii) the landlord's name and contact details, including, where appropriate, the landlord's trading or business name and the trading or, if registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, the registered office address of the landlord;
(iii) the name and contact details of the person authorised to act on behalf of the landlord;
(iv) sufficient detail to enable the authorised person to identify the commercial premises in respect of which CRAR may now be exercised on the landlord's behalf;
(v) the amount of rent owed; and
(vi) the period in relation to which the rent is owed.