44. Right to list of creditors

(1) This paragraph 44 applies in the following proceedings —
(a) administration; or
(b) creditors' voluntary winding-up or a compulsory winding-up.
(2) A creditor or a foreign representative has the right to require the Office-holder to provide a list of the creditors and the amounts of their respective debts unless, in a winding-up or an administration, a Statement of Affairs has been delivered to the Registrar.
(3) The Office-holder on being required to provide such a list —
(a) must deliver it to the person requiring the list as soon as reasonably practicable; and
(b) may charge a reasonable fee for a hard copy.
(4) The Office-holder may omit the name and address of a creditor if the Office-holder thinks its disclosure would be prejudicial to the conduct of the proceedings or might reasonably be expected to lead to violence against any person.
(5) In such a case the list must include —
(a) the amount of that creditor's debt; and
(b) a statement that the name and address of the creditor has been omitted for that debt.