436. Liability for false or misleading statements in directors' reports

(1) A director of a company is liable to compensate the company for any loss suffered by it as a result of—
(a) any untrue or misleading statement in a directors' report, or
(b) the omission from a directors' report of anything required to be included in it.
(2) He is so liable only if—
(a) he knew the statement to be untrue or misleading or was reckless as to whether it was untrue or misleading, or
(b) he knew the omission to be dishonest concealment of a material fact.
(3) No person shall be subject to any liability to a person other than the company resulting from reliance, by that person or another, on information in a report to which this section applies.
(4) The reference in subsection (3) to a person being subject to a liability includes a reference to another person being entitled as against him to be granted any civil remedy or to rescind or repudiate an agreement.
(5) This section does not affect liability for a contravention of these Regulations or any other Abu Dhabi Global Market regulations.