431. Other Persons Authorised To Apply To The Court

(1) The Registrar may authorise for the purposes of section 430 (application to Court in respect of defective accounts or reports) (a “section 430 authorisation”) any person appearing to it–
(a) to have an interest in, and to have satisfactory procedures directed to securing, compliance by companies with the requirements of these Regulations relating to accounts and directors’ reports,
(b) to have satisfactory procedures for receiving and investigating complaints about companies’ annual accounts and directors’ reports, and
(c) otherwise to be a fit and proper person to be authorised.
(2) A person may be authorised generally or in respect of particular classes of case, and different persons may be authorised in respect of different classes of case.
(3) The Registrar may refuse to authorise a person if it considers that his authorisation is unnecessary having regard to the fact that there are one or more other persons who have been or are likely to be authorised.
(4) If the authorised person is an unincorporated association, proceedings brought in, or in connection with, the exercise of any function by the association as an authorised person may be brought by or against the association in the name of a body corporate whose constitution provides for the establishment of the association.
(5) A section 430 authorisation may contain such requirements or other provisions relating to the exercise of functions by the authorised person as appear to the Registrar to be appropriate.
No such authorisation is to be made unless it appears to the Registrar that the person would, if authorised, exercise his functions as an authorised person in accordance with the provisions proposed.
(6) Where authorisation is revoked, the Registrar may make such provision as it thinks fit with respect to pending proceedings.