42. Suspending licence to carry on controlled activities etc.

(1) If the Registrar considers that a licensed person has contravened a relevant requirement imposed on the person, it may —
(a) suspend, for such period as it considers appropriate, any licence which the person has to carry on a controlled activity; or
(b) impose, for such period as it considers appropriate, such limitations or other restrictions in relation to the carrying on of a controlled activity by the person as it considers appropriate.
(2) The period for which a suspension or restriction is to have effect may not exceed 12 months.
(3) A suspension may relate only to the carrying on of an activity in specified circumstances.
(4) A restriction may, in particular, be imposed so as to require the person concerned to take, or refrain from taking, specified action.
(5) The Registrar may —
(a) withdraw a suspension or restriction; or
(b) vary a suspension or restriction so as to reduce the period for which it has effect or otherwise to limit its effect.
(6) The power under this section may (but need not) be exercised so as to have effect in relation to all the controlled activities that a licensed person carries on.
(7) In the case of a licensed person, any one or more of the powers under —
(a) subsection (1)(a) and (b) of this section; and
may be exercised in relation to the same contravention.