40. Right of inspection

(1) The Office-holder or Appointed Person must allow proxies, so long as they remain in the Office-holder's or Appointed Person's hands, to be inspected at all reasonable times on any business day by —
(a) the creditors, in the case of proxies used at a meeting of creditors;
(b) the members or contributories, in the case of proxies used at a meeting of the Company or of its contributories; and
(c) the Directors,
as the case may be.
(2) The reference in sub-paragraph (1) to the creditors is —
(a) in the case of a creditors' voluntary winding-up or a compulsory winding-up, to those creditors who have proved for their debts; and
(b) in any other case, to persons who have delivered in writing claims to be creditors of the Company;
but in neither case does it include a person whose proof or claim has been wholly rejected for purposes of voting, dividend or otherwise.
(3) Any person attending a meeting is entitled, immediately before or in the course of the meeting, to inspect proxies and associated documents (including proofs) delivered, in accordance with directions contained in any notice convening the meeting, to the chairman or to any other person by a creditor, member or contributory for the purpose of the meeting.
(4) This paragraph is subject to Sections 53(6) (Limited disclosure) and 58(7) (Limited disclosure of statement of proposals).