4. Legal services

(1) Providing legal services is a controlled activity if it is carried on by way of business.
(2) "Providing legal services" means the application of legal principles or judgement with regard to the circumstances of another person, including but not limited to -
(a) giving legal advice or counsel to such a person as to his legal rights or the legal rights or responsibilities of others, whether or not under the law of the Abu Dhabi Global Market;
(b) drafting or completion of legal documents or agreements which affect such a person’s legal rights;
(c) representation of such a person in court proceedings or in an administrative adjudicative procedure in which legal pleadings are filed or a record is established as the basis for judicial review; or
(d) negotiation of legal rights or responsibilities on behalf of such a person, including participation in employment negotiations, arbitrations or conciliations, but excluding acting as a lay representative authorised by an administrative agency or tribunal, serving as a judge, mediator, arbitrator, conciliator or facilitator.