4. Form and contents of notice

Notice of enforcement must be given in writing, and must contain the following information —

(a) the name and address, including, where appropriate, the trading or business name and the trading or, if registered in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, the registered office address of the debtor;
(b) the reference number or numbers;
(c) the date of the notice;
(d) details of the Court judgment or order or enforcement power by virtue of which the debt is enforceable against the debtor;
(e) the following information about the debt —
(i) sufficient details of the debt to enable the debtor to identify the debt correctly;
(ii) the amount of the debt including any interest due as at the date of the notice;
(iii) the amount of any enforcement costs incurred up to the date of the notice; and
(iv) the possible additional costs of enforcement if the sum outstanding should remain unpaid as at the date mentioned in sub-paragraph (h);
(f) how and between which hours and on which days payment of the sum outstanding may be made;
(g) a contact telephone number and address (including e-mail address) at which, and the days on which at the hours between which, the enforcement agent or enforcement agent's office may be contacted; and
(h) the date and time by which the sum outstanding must be paid to prevent goods of the debtor being taken control of and sold and the debtor incurring additional costs.