395. Information about off-balance sheet arrangements

(1) In the case of an LLP that is not subject to the small LLPs regime, if in any financial year —
(a) the LLP is or has been party to arrangements that are not reflected in its balance sheet, and
(b) at the balance sheet date the risks or benefits arising from those arrangements are material,
(c) the information required by this section must be given in notes to the LLP's annual accounts.
(2) The information required is —
(a) the nature and business purpose of the arrangements, and
(b) the financial impact of the arrangements on the LLP.
(3) The information need only be given to the extent necessary for enabling the financial position of the LLP to be assessed.
(4) If the LLP qualifies as medium-sized in relation to the financial year (see sections 438 (LLPs qualifying as medium-sized: general) to 440 (LLPs excluded from being treated as medium-sized)) it need not comply with subsection (2)(b).
(5) This section applies in relation to group accounts as if the undertakings included in the consolidation were a single LLP.