393. Information About Related Undertakings

(1) The Board may make rules requiring information about related undertakings to be given in notes to a company’s annual accounts.
(2) The rules–
(a) may make different provision according to whether or not the company prepares group accounts, and
(b) may specify the descriptions of undertaking in relation to which it applies, and make different provision in relation to different descriptions of related undertaking.
(3) The rules may provide that information need not be disclosed with respect to an undertaking that–
(a) is established under the law of a jurisdiction outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market, or
(b) carries on business outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market, if the following conditions are met.
(4) The conditions are–
(a) that in the opinion of the directors of the company the disclosure would be seriously prejudicial to the business of–
(i) that undertaking,
(ii) the company,
(iii) any of the company’s subsidiary undertakings, or
(iv) any other undertaking which is included in the consolidation, and
(b) that the Registrar agrees that the information need not be disclosed.
(5) Where advantage is taken of any such exemption, that fact must be stated in a note to the company’s annual accounts.