38. Retention of documents taken under section 37

(1) Any document of which possession is taken under section 37 ("a seized document") may be retained so long as it is necessary to retain it (rather than copies of it) in the circumstances.
(2) A person claiming to be the owner of a seized document may apply to the court for an order for the delivery of the document to the person appearing to the court to be the owner.
(3) If on an application under subsection (2) the court cannot ascertain who is the owner of the seized document the court may make such order as the court thinks fit.
(4) An order under subsections (2) or (3) does not affect the right of any person to take legal proceedings against any person in possession of a seized document for the recovery of the document.
(5) Any right to bring proceedings (as described in subsection (4)) may only be exercised within 6 months of the date of the order made under subsections (2) or (3).