36. Requirements under section 35: further provisions

(1) A Requirement may, in particular, be imposed —
(a) so as to require the person concerned to take action specified by the Regulator; or
(b) so as to require the person concerned to refrain from taking action specified by the Regulator.
(2) A Requirement may extend to activities which are not Regulated Activities.
(3) A Requirement may be imposed by reference to the person's relationship with —
(a) the person's Group; or
(b) other members of the person's Group.
(4) A Requirement may be expressed to expire at the end of such period as the Regulator may specify, but the imposition of a Requirement that expires at the end of a specified period does not affect the Regulator's power to impose a new Requirement.
(5) A Requirement may refer to the past conduct of the person concerned (for example, by requiring the person concerned to review or take remedial action in respect of past conduct).