35. Minutes

(1) The chairman of any meeting under these Regulations in an administration, under a Deed of Company Arrangement, administrative receivership or a creditors' voluntary winding-up or a compulsory winding-up, other than a Company meeting (for which see paragraph 47 (Company meetings (general)) of Part 12 (Company meetings) of this Schedule, must cause minutes of its proceedings to be kept.
(2) The minutes must be authenticated by the chairman, and be retained by the chairman as part of the records of the proceedings in question.
(3) The minutes must include —
(a) a list of the names of creditors who attended a meeting of creditors or a meeting of both members and creditors and their claims;
(b) a list of the names of contributories who attended a meeting of contributories;
(c) if a creditors' committee has been established, the names and addresses of those elected to be members of the committee; and
(d) a record of every resolution passed.