34. Abandonment of goods other than security: supplemental

(1) Controlled goods are abandoned if the enforcement agent does not give the debtor or any co-owner notice under paragraph 26(3) to (9) (notice of sale) within the permitted period.
(2) Rules may prescribe other circumstances in which controlled goods are abandoned.
(3) If controlled goods are abandoned then, in relation to the enforcement power concerned, the following apply —
(a) the enforcement power ceases to be exercisable;
(b) as soon as reasonably practicable the enforcement agent must make the goods available for collection by the debtor, if he removed them from where he found them.
(4) Rules may make further provision about arrangements under sub-paragraph (3)(b), including in particular provision about the disposal of goods uncollected after a prescribed period.
(5) Where the enforcement power was under a writ, sub-paragraph (3) does not affect any power to issue another writ.