33. Appeals against decisions under this Part

(1) The decision of the Office-holder or Appointed Person (in respect of matters considered by correspondence) or the chairman's decisions (in respect of matters considered at meetings) under this Part are subject to appeal to the Court by any creditor or by a contributory.
(2) If the chairman's decision or the decision of the Office-holder or Appointed Person is reversed or varied, or votes are declared invalid, the Court may order another meeting to be summoned or make such order as it thinks just.
(3) An appeal under this paragraph may not be made later than 21 days after the date of the meeting or relevant deadline for voting, as the case may be.
(4) The chairman is not personally liable for costs incurred by any person in relation to an appeal under this paragraph unless the Court makes an order to that effect.
(5) The Court's power to make an order under this paragraph is exercisable only if it considers that the circumstances giving rise to the appeal give rise to unfair prejudice or material irregularity.