329. Resolution Requiring Special Notice

(1) Where by any provision of these Regulations special notice is required of a resolution, the resolution is not effective unless notice of the intention to move it has been given to the company at least one month before the meeting at which it is moved.
(2) The company must, where practicable, give its members notice of any such resolution in the same manner and at the same time as it gives notice of the meeting.
(3) Where that is not practicable, the company must give its members notice at least 14 days before the meeting–
(a) by advertisement in a newspaper having an appropriate circulation, or
(b) in any other manner allowed by the company’s articles.
(4) If, after notice of the intention to move such a resolution has been given to the company, a meeting is called for a date one month or less after the notice has been given, the notice is deemed to have been properly given, though not given within the time required.