32. Privacy of arbitration related court proceedings

(1) Subject to subsection (4), all arbitration-related proceedings in the Court are to be heard in closed court.
(2) Where such arbitration-related proceedings are held in closed court, the Court must, on the application of any party, make a direction as to what information, if any, relating to the proceedings may be published.
(3) The Court must not make a direction permitting information disclosed during arbitration-related proceedings held in closed court to be published, unless:
(a) all parties agree that the information may be published; or
(b) the Court is satisfied that the information, if published, would not reveal any matter (including the identity of any party) that any party reasonably wishes to remain confidential.
(4) The Court may order arbitration-related court proceedings to be heard in open court if:
(a) all parties agree that the proceedings may be heard in open court; or
(b) in any particular case, the Court is satisfied that those proceedings ought to be heard in open court.
(5) An order of the Court under this section is not subject to appeal.
(6) It is not inconsistent with this section for the Court, on its own initiative, to publish a judgment in anonymised form.