31. Power of the Court to order interim measures

(1) The existence of an arbitration agreement shall not preclude a party from applying to the Court, before or during arbitral proceedings, for interim measures including in relation to the taking of evidence under section ‎47 or provisional or conservatory measures under this section.
(2) The Court shall have the same power of issuing any interim measure in relation to arbitration proceedings as it has in relation to proceedings in the Court.
(3) The powers conferred by this section apply even if:
(a) the seat of the arbitration is outside the Abu Dhabi Global Market or no seat has been designated or determined; or
(b) the interim measure is sought against a non-party to the arbitration agreement.
(4) If the case is one of urgency, the Court may, on the application of a party or proposed party to the arbitral proceedings, make such orders as it thinks necessary for the purpose of preserving evidence or assets.
(5) If the case is not one of urgency, the Court shall act only on the application of a party to the arbitral proceedings upon notice to the other parties and to the arbitral tribunal.
(6) In any case, the Court shall act only if, or to the extent that, the arbitral tribunal, and any arbitral or other institution or person vested by the parties with power in that regard, or a court of competent jurisdiction in relation to the matters set out in subsection (3)(a), has no power or is unable for the time being to act effectively.