The board of the Target should not, except with the consent of the Panel (which should be consulted in good time), announce any material new information, including trading results, profit forecasts (including ordinary course profit forecasts), dividend forecasts, asset valuations, quantified financial benefits statements and proposals for dividend payments or for any material acquisition or disposal, after the 39th day following the publication of the initial offer document. Where a matter which might give rise to such an announcement being made after the 39th day is known to the Target, every effort should be made to bring forward the date of the announcement, but, where this is not practicable or where the matter arises after that date, the Panel will normally give its consent to a later announcement. If an announcement of the kind referred to in this Paragraph is made after the 39th day, the Panel will normally be prepared to consent to an extension to "Day 46" (see Paragraph 31.1(c)), "Day 53" (see Paragraphs 2.6(d) and (e)) and/or "Day 60" (see Paragraph 30.6(a)) as appropriate.