30. Re-opening a case that has been dismissed

(1) A nominated judge may re-open a complaint that has been dismissed where they receive new information concerning a complaint.
(2) For these purposes, new information means information which —
(a) relates to judicial misconduct;
(b) is cogent and credible;
(c) has not already been considered under these Rules; and
(d) is sufficiently serious to justify re-opening a complaint.
(3) If a nominated judge decides to re-open a complaint, they may —
(a) consider the complaint in accordance with Part 4; or
(b) refer the complaint to:
(i) another nominated judge to consider under Part 4;
(ii) the Bureau to consider in accordance with Part 2;
(iii) an investigating judge to consider in accordance with Part 5; or
(iv) a disciplinary panel to consider in accordance with Part 6.