30. Creation of folio on primary application: units in buildings

(1) The obligation to lodge a primary application under section 29 applies also in respect of a strata development, where the Relevant Authority has approved the strata plans and the building plans have been approved to the extent required by the Relevant Authority.
(2) Where the requirements of subsection (1) are satisfied, the Registrar shall, instead of creating a single folio of the Register for the real property on which the building or buildings comprising the strata development are erected or proposed to be erected, create a folio of the Register for each Strata Lot in the building or buildings as if it were a separate lot, and shall subdivide the lots into sublots to the extent approved by the Relevant Authority.
(3) Where the Registrar creates a folio of the Register for a Strata Lot, the Registrar shall record in the folio for the applicable Strata Lot that ownership of the Strata Lot may be subject to the benefits and burdens created under the applicable Strata Title Documents.