3. Registrable Interests and Conveyances

(1) The following matters shall be registrable in the Register as further described in Part 6 and elsewhere in these Regulations —
(a) any interest in real property described in Chapter 1 above;
(b) any agreement to create or transfer any interest in real property described in Chapter 1 above;
(c) a certificate or other instrument (including a memorandum or short-form agreement, which may omit commercially sensitive or proprietary information) evidencing any of the Conveyances described in Chapter 2 above;
(d) an agreement modifying any matter so registrable in the Register, including any agreement modifying the priorities of any interests or the rights of the parties having any interest described above, including any non-disturbance agreement as described in section 48(2)(b);
(e) registrations of personal representatives or of records of death of a registered owner of real property as described in Part 13 of these Regulations; and
(f) a writ of execution in real property (or cancellation, discharge or satisfaction thereof).
(2) In the event that, with respect to any question of ownership of any freehold interest in real property, there shall be a conflict between the register of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi and the Register created hereunder, the latter shall control to the extent of such inconsistency.