3. Concurrent Administration of Law and Equity

(1) The Court and all tribunals in the Abu Dhabi Global Market shall administer English common law and equity on the basis that, wherever there is any conflict or variance between the rules of equity and the rules of the common law with reference to the same matter, the rules of equity shall prevail.
(2) The Court and all tribunals in the Abu Dhabi Global Market shall, when applying the law of the Abu Dhabi Global Market, give the same effect—
(a) to all equitable estates, titles, rights, reliefs, defences and counterclaims, and to all equitable duties and liabilities; and
(b) subject thereto, to all legal claims and demands and all estates, titles, rights, duties, obligations and liabilities existing by the common law or by any custom or created by any other law in force in the Abu Dhabi Global Market,
and, subject to the provisions of these Regulations and any other law, shall so exercise their jurisdiction in every cause or matter before them as to secure that, as far as possible, all matters in dispute between the parties are completely and finally determined, and all multiplicity of legal proceedings with respect to any of those matters is avoided.
(3) Nothing in these Regulations shall affect the power of the Court to stay any proceedings before it, where it thinks fit to do so, either of its own motion or on the application of any person, whether or not a party to the proceedings.