297. Interpretation and scope

(1) In this Part —
(a) "applicable treaty" means a treaty between the United Arab Emirates and a foreign country relating to the mutual recognition and enforcement of judgments;
(b) "judgment" means a judgment, decision or order given or made by a recognised court in any civil proceedings;
(c) "recognised court" means the judicial authorities of the Emirate and Emirate Members of the United Arab Emirates, courts of countries which have entered into applicable treaties, and a recognised foreign court;
(d) "recognised foreign court" means a court recognised by the Courts in accordance with the procedure set out in section 171 of the Regulations;
(2) This Part also applies to any arbitral award which has, in pursuance of the law in the place where it was made, become enforceable in the same manner as a judgment given by a court in that place.
Amended on June 1, 2017