29. Sick leave

(1) An Employee is entitled to sick leave not exceeding a maximum of 60 business days in aggregate in any 12 month period.
(2) An Employee who requests leave under this section shall personally, or have someone on the Employee's behalf —
(a) as soon as reasonably practicable notify the Employer that the Employee is unable to fulfil the duties reasonably expected in the Employee's position because of the Employee's sickness; and
(b) if required by the Employer, at least once every 7 days during a period of absence due to sickness, provide a medical opinion that states that the Employee cannot fulfil the duties reasonably expected in the Employee's position.
(3) Where an Employee is absent because of sickness, the Employer shall, if the conditions set out in subsection (2)are satisfied, pay the Employee sick pay for that day.
(4) An Employer who would, apart from subsection (2), be liable to pay sick pay to an Employee, is entitled to withhold the sick pay if the Employee failed to give the notice (and the medical opinion, if required by the Employer) to the Employer as required under subsection (2).