29. Report procedure

(1) The disciplinary panel must send its draft report to the judicial office holder concerned.
(2) The disciplinary panel must disclose its draft report to the complainant or any other person who may be affected by its contents.
(3) Disclosure of the report under paragraph (2) —
(a) may be of the whole or part;
(b) may be in the form of a summary.
(4) The disciplinary panel must invite each person to whom it discloses its report to comment on it.
(5) Any comments on the report must be made within 10 business days of the day on which the report was sent by the disciplinary panel.
(6) In finalising its report the disciplinary panel —
(a) must have regard to any comments received under paragraph (4); and
(b) must include those comments with its report.
(7) The disciplinary panel must send its report to the Chief Justice.