29. Additional notice requirements where goods are removed for storage or sale

(1) Where control is taken of goods of the debtor under paragraph 11(1)(c) of Schedule 1 or controlled goods are removed to storage or for sale, the notice under rule 27(1) must also contain the following information —
(a) that the enforcement agent has removed controlled goods to secure storage or for sale;
(b) a list of the goods so removed (where the goods are different to those included in a list provided by virtue of rule 27(2)(f)(i));
(c) the date of removal of the goods to storage or for sale;
(d) the daily or weekly storage charge payable (in US$), where the goods are removed to storage; and
(e) the procedure for collection by or on behalf of the debtor of goods of which control has been taken on payment of the sum outstanding or on part payment of the sum outstanding where an agreement is made between the enforcement agent and the debtor.
(2) Where any of the information required by paragraph (1) is not known to the enforcement agent at the time of providing the notice to the debtor under rule 27(1) the enforcement agent must provide such information, in writing to the debtor, as soon as reasonably practicable.
(3) Paragraph (1)(b) is complied with if the enforcement agent provides the debtor with a copy of the inventory required by paragraph 21 of Schedule 1 at the same time as the notice, which describes all goods removed to storage or for sale.